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    Thank you for the feedback! I haven't seen this behavior with multiple of keys being recorded, will test if we can reproduce it. We fixed a keyboard bug yesterday but I think that is not related to what you write. 

    We have also written a new copy for the synth price to avoid confusion, 109 SEK is of course for the whole synth and not per panel. 

    This two fixes hopefully will be released this week. 

    We have worked a lot with performance to avoid audio glitches (that is one of the reasons we cannot e.g use Europa's all three engines) and I think that what you hear is that multiple of apps that run, all music apps are really CPU heavy.  

    We will see if we can improve the interaction with the notes in the piano roll. 

    Regarding the note sheet moving with the timeline we have people saying that they don't want that and people that want to have it. 

    The share to Allihoopa is done with Share extensions meaning that you can share to the apps you have installed. 

    Not sure I understand what you mean by recording the first note.

    Undo is in the backlog of things we want to add :) 

     Kind regards, Hanna


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    Pål Oliver Kristiansen

    Just to clarify Hanna, what I meant by the "record on the first note" was how the app lets the user know if the recording will start when the first touch (note) or if the app is just recording right away _while_ it's playing. Its not always so clear to visually see the difference. Hopes that makes sence! :)

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